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We are always accepting submissions for new comics. After reading the guide below, email submissions or inquiries to

TradComics has a limited release schedule with at most one release from a party per day. This could be a single book from an independent author, a full series that's new to TradComics, or a collection of new releases from a publisher. We want to give indie authors pouring their passion into a project a chance to stand out. Therefore, it's unlikely we can publish every submission we get. We prioritize what we subjectively determine will be popular with readers.

If we have an opening to release your comic, we'll reply to your submission email to discuss the details and a release date.

Content Guidelines

We do not accept books that...

  • Use AI-generated images
  • Are purely pornographic or violent
  • Rely on hateful messaging or strawman characters

Revenue Breakdown

Artists earn 85% of sales revenue after payment processor fees. Payment processors charge $0.30 per transaction, plus a small percent of the transaction cost, typically 2.9-3.4%. For an example, let's say a customer purchases a $10 book.

A $10 transaction. After a 30 cent fee and a 3.9% fee, the remaining is split to 85% for the artist and 15% for TradComics.

The revenue for this purchase is $9.36 after payment processor fees. From this, the artist will earn $7.95 (85% of remaining, or 79% of list price).

Now let's look at an example where a customer purchases three books for $5 each.

A transaction for three books. The first is $5: $3.85 for the artist, $0.67 for TradComics, and $0.47 total in payment processor fees. The second and third books are discounted to $4.70: $3.86 for the artist, $0.68 for TradComics, and $0.16 in payment processor fees.

Payment processors charge the fixed $0.30 fee once per transaction. Effectively, it only applies to the first book. We pass these savings onto the customer as an incentive to explore more books by other artists.

Intellectual Property

You must own the intellectual property of your comic. We cannot release fan-comics.

By submitting your work, you grant TradComics a non-permanent right to sell and display your work on You retain all ownership rights to the intellectual property and may sell and/or display the work on any other platform at any price.

If you request TradComics remove a work from sale, it will remain available to customers who have purchased the work for one year after the removal in order to give them time to make personal backups of their purchase.

If TradComics wishes to use imagery from your work in a way that is not directly related to the work, TradComics will request permission on a per-occurrence basis.